Biographical Notes
I am a composer, musician, record producer, and film-maker. I have had many releases on labels such as Rising High, Rotation, Inspiral, Instinct, 2Kool, and Masters At Work. I have composed and produced the music for a number of commercial film and TV programmes and have produced three short films of my own: BuzzLooking, and Exploded View 1.

Whilst living in London I had a parallel career as a music technology and web design lecturer, working extensively at Community Music, Musicworks, and Hurricane. I finally became Education & Training Manager at Gateway before moving to Wales in 2003.

For 14 years I was a lecturer at Swansea College of Art with my main academic interests being communication studies: music, storytelling, medium theory, and semiotics. I am currently an Associate Lecturer in Music at Gower College Swansea.

In 2016 I was a founding member of the Swansea Laptop Orchestra. I run an independent record label and continue to record, perform, and create.

Artist Statement
Whilst I am fundamentally a music producer, my work has become increasingly multi-disciplinary. Often there is now an ongoing dialogue between organised sound, language, and image. Nonetheless I have a set of basic principles which drive and direct my work irrespective of the medium.

First, I always try to achieve the most possible with the least: “less is more”. Each work should include only what is absolutely necessary.

Second, each piece of work is an attempt to question the assumptions on which it is built – whether these be underlying concepts or systems, materials, or cultural constructs such as language and genre.

Third, I try to avoid explicit messages at the content level. I strive for art that “performs the possibilities it promotes”, art that transcends the particular and immediate, art that is not about something, but is in itself something.

Of course none of these three principles are original and unique to my own practice. Which suggests that, finally, there remains a personal and wholly singular element which binds and expresses these principles together in some – hopefully – interesting and meaningful ways.

Selected Discography
Paul Hazel (2018) Exploded View 1. 1SSUE 38.
Paul Hazel (2018) Dreaming Detroit EP. BAM18005.
Paul Hazel (2017) Looking. 1SSUE 37.
Paul Hazel (2017) Memphis Delta EP. BAM17003.
Paul Hazel (2017) Beyond Babylon EP. BAM17002.
Swansea Laptop Orchestra (2017) Loadbang. EAN 0760625689126
Paul Hazel (2017) Buzz. 1SSUE 36.
Blue Train (1997) Get Movin’ EP. MAW Records MRW017
Skeleton Crew (1996) Lost World Pts. 1 & 2. lnspiral ISL002
Blue Train (1995) London EP. 2Kool TKT13
Skeleton Crew (1995) Burning Chrome/Skeleton Coast/Data Jungle. lnspiral ISL00l
Blue Train (1995) Get Movin’/Voices. 2Kool TKT7
Paul Hazel (1995) Go EP. Rotation ROT95005
Blue Train (1994) Makin’ London Funky EP. 2Kool TKT2
Paul Hazel (1994) Kings of Sleep EP. Rotation ROT94004
Paul Hazel (1994) Gene Pool on ‘Chill Out or Die Vol II’. Rising High RSN CD17
Paul Hazel (1994) Dream Machine on ‘Psychedelic Techno & Hard Trance Vol II’. Phantasm PTM103
Blue Train (1993) Theme from Blue Train. Phat Jazz Wrekords 93001
The New You (1988) Never Meet Again/London. TNY002
The New You (1987) Whispering Down/Hunter. TNY00l

Recent Events
Paul Hazel
1SSUE16, 21 April 2018 – 26 May 2018
Group Exhibition, West Wharf Gallery, Cardiff.
Swansea Open, 3 December 2017 – 6 January 2018
Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea. Looking.
NAWR#4: Round Reading Room Swansea, 20 December 2016.
Group improvisation with Roland SH-101 monosynth.

Paul Hazel & David Pitt
NAWR#6: BBC Hall Swansea, 18 May 2017.
Quadraphonic performance for laptop, voices, and metallophones.

Swansea Laptop Orchestra
CAM17: Sunflower & I, 8 April 2017.
Laptop, voice, electronic drums, Roland SH-101 monosynth, clarinet.
Electric Soup Ill: Cardiff MADE, 4 March 2017.
Laptop, voice, electronic drums, Roland SH-101 monosynth.
Experimentica 2017: Chapter Arts Centre, 13 February 2017.
Laptop, voice, electronic drums, Roland SH-101 monosynth.
BBC Radio 3 ‘Exposure’: Chapter Arts Centre, 6 January 2017.
Laptop, voice, clarinet.
[Broadcast Thursday 26 January]
Gwyl Nawr Festival: Volcano Theatre, 20 November 2016.
Laptop, voice, clarinet.

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