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Project Japan 14

Having the exhibition up and running has given us a bit of breathing space, although I’ve still got loads to do. I am still working on the video for the Kyoto show, but the off-the-cuff installation video for Heather’s Pocket Remains 1-79 also spiralled out of control somewhat (but in a good way) eating up yet more time.

Last night Mami Odai—the Director of Tenjinyama Art Studio—kindly ferried a few of us residents down to Benizakura Park for the opening ceremony of their ARTAnnual 2018 (which runs until September 15). This is a new event where works of art are located in the landscape of the park. There is a brand new building at the entrance, a strange mixture of East-West architectures. It has an auditorium area and a stunning chapel, designed for weddings rather than as an explicitly religious environment.

[Bizarrely, this building does not have any toilets. To relieve oneself you have to walk through the park, up a muddy path through the woods, and up to an older restaurant building. Did I mention it was dark and raining? Accessible they are not, and how the future brides are going to feel about schlepping through the woods in a white dress and high heels I leave to your imaginations. To be fair, once there, the facilities are superb despite the semi-wilderness location!]

I digress. The opening ceremony was kicked off with a long plenary session with the artists which, again, and entirely reasonably, was in Japanese throughout. At the suggestion of one of our co-residents we went for a walk through the park to look at the artworks before it got dark. Good call, Yuya!

Afterwards, drinks and nibbles with the luminaries: we made some useful contacts and had another chat with Kio Griffith. Some went on further to enjoy the Mongolian barbecue and free drinks, but at that point Mami kindly drove us all back to Sumikawa and home.

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