toby godden

Toby Godden

Posted by PH on January 28, 2007
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Toby Godden is a Year 2 student on the BA (Hons) Interactive Digital Media course at Swansea Metropolitan University. Toby has a highly fertile brain that effortlessly spins off more ideas than he can cope with. He totally ‘gets’ the Internet, and has a portfolio of domains that illustrate his creativity and diversity:

  • Vibration 13 is the hub of his activities.
  • Triskabiblios is an ambitious 13-year ARG (Alternative Reality Game).
  • Play the first part of his and Michael Thomas’ popular Escapism game.
  • Triangla is the electronic ‘triangular tabla’ he’s invented. I’ve seen it and heard it and it sounds great!
  • Context and information about all these projects can be found on his blog.
  • And he’s got a record label too (whatever that means in this day and age).

Toby is committed.

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