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A Slight Return…

Posted by PH on January 15, 2017
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No blog posts for over a year. Why? Many reasons operating on several different levels but, in brief:

  1. Twelve months, verily, I have been in A Bad Place. The grisly detail of my personal life is not the sort of thing I’m going to share/offload in a public space such as a blog. Mine was never designed for this sort of confessional and, frankly, the very idea of it appalls me.
  2. Rethinking what blogs are for (or, at least, what my blog is for). I’m not sure anymore that documenting/curating one’s life is that useful or interesting. I know why we do it—to try and make sense of all the information we’re drowning in—but, really, life’s too short either to do it yourself or consume someone else doing it.
  3. Facebook. I don’t like Facebook. It’s ugly, clunky, and somewhat sinister in the way that much modern tech is. I’m not even sure I understand how it works fully. BUT it fulfils a function: it’s like a blog but much quicker and with superior networking functionality built-in. It’s a conversational tool for those who are separated in time and distance. Many of the activities I used to put on this blog I now commit to Facebook. [I don’t think I’m alone in this: there are at least three people I know whose blogging activities have declined in inverse proportion to their Facebook activities.]
  4. Some really good things have been happening! Amidst all the carnage some changes needed to be made: they all need time. Blogging is, like, 54th on the list.

So: there will be more posts here, but probably slowed to a trickle…

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