Project Japan 20

I’m a big fan of Asa Chang & Junray (e.g. Senaka or Hana). However, this track is by Asa Chang & Pilgrim and is called either Shadowless, Shadowless Human, or Human Without Shadow (depending on the various translations from Japanese).
An absolutely stunning piece of music. What goes on in the video after the 6 minute mark is anyone’s guess (bearing in mind the Japanese obsession with cleanliness and their uneasy relationship with the huge crows that populate the islands):

Project Japan 15

Project Japan 13

Project Japan 5


Quite a few noodly fretless bass solos on this one—certainly more than I think is healthy or strictly necessary—but some nice stuff nonetheless:

The Crystal World

This video was part of my submission for 1SSUE 39:

Project Japan 2

This morning we were graced with the presence of textile artist Yumiko Inagaki who Heather had been in contact for several months previously via email. After Yumiko checked out Tenjanyima Art Studios we headed off uptown to check out specialist paper shops where we hoped to source materials: with the stringent limits on airline baggage allowances there was no way we could bring much with us. To the train station:

Whilst waiting to change trains I took these. The signage is aesthetically satisfying in a way that it just isn’t in the UK. The Japanese care about these things:

Lovely colour-coded exploded views of the station layouts are commonplace:

We’re not even up to lunchtime yet! More to follow…

Test Pattern Redux

Release date October 5.

Exploded View 1

This video was part of my submission to 1SSUE 38.

Suzanne Ciani – Buchla Concerts

I’ve been playing this a lot recently. Still very fresh sounding…

Robert Hood – And Then We Planned Our Escape

Brilliant and ruthless minimal techno.