I am a composer, musician, and record producer with many releases on the Rising High, Rotation, Inspiral, Instinct, 2Kool, and Masters At Work labels. I composed and produced the music for the short films Shore Leave and The Dirt Inside, the Canal+ documentary La Ñ En La Araña, and a theme for Channel 5 TV. I am currently a member of the Swansea Laptop Orchestra.

Whilst living in London I had a parallel career as a music technology and web design lecturer, working extensively at Community Music, Musicworks, and Hurricane. I finally became Education & Training Manager at Gateway before moving to Wales in 2003.

I am Head of the School of Film and Digital Media at Swansea College of Art, University of Wales Trinity Saint David. My main academic interests are Communication Studies (narrative, medium theory, semiotics) and Music Technology.


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Hazel, P. (1992) The Synth Is Dead: Long Live The Synth. Sound On Sound, October 1992.

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