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Japan 201

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Heather Parnell we have been generously funded by the Arts Council of Wales (under the Wales Art International programme) to visit Japan once again.

Last year we moved around a fair bit: roughly two weeks in Sapporo in the north of Japan, three days in Osaka, a weekend in Sugoshicho, and then about ten days in Kyoto. It was all a bit mad. This year we’re adopting a rather more sane approach and will be staying in the Osaka/Kyoto area throughout:

  • We have a two week residency at Atelier Outotsu to start with. Arrived yesterday afternoon.
  • This coming weekend we’ll have to set up an exhibition at Art Spot Korin in Kyoto which runs from July 30 to August 11.
  • On August 7 we will be leaving Outotsu but staying in the area. We haven’t booked anywhere to stay, yet. What can possibly go wrong!
  • Return to the UK August 17.

What will I be doing? Making a film with Matthew Fasone (shooting it at least). Shooting video that will form the basis of at least one more film. Photography. Recording sound. Keeping my eyes and ears open…



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