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All We Needed Was Time

After the funding-inspired blogging frenzy of last summer we may note that I haven’t posted here for more than three months. Clearly many of you will be overjoyed at this respite. Tragically, your joy is short-lived, for you will be dismayed to learn that I have not been idle. Au contraire mon amis, I have been furiously at work. The Global Art Project™ never sleeps!

First up then: here’s a new version of A Question of Time. This was originally produced for 1SSUE 40, but I wasn’t really happy with the soundtrack. The video is exactly the same. The notes are the same, although some of them may have changed position. The arrangement is the same. Otherwise, it’s completely different:

PS: I probably should have added this line to the credits in the video: Paul Hazel – Blatant Wholesale Copyright Material Appropriation.

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