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Project Japan 1

We’re spending this August in Japan. A working holiday, with one exhibition in Sapporo scheduled for the end of next week and another in Kyoto two weeks later. Thanks to the Arts Council of Wales for their support.

Things got off to a good start when we got upgraded at Heathrow. Sweet! This is a bit of a naff photograph but somewhere during my sleepless vigil over Mongolia I became aware of a full moon shining in:

All smooth until Narita airport then, but our connecting flight to Sapporo turned into a rather Kafka-esque experience as we encountered a Japanese ‘Domestic’ flight check-in in all it’s rule-bound glory. I’ll tell you about it sometime…

Nonetheless, after 24 hours travelling we made it to Sapporo. After a quick shower and a change of clothes we headed out for what turned out to be superb sushi at Natsume.

This morning we headed down to Tenjinyama Art Studios where we will be based for the next two weeks:

Very excited. Watch this space…

Final thoughts on travelling itself:

    1. The fact that you can fly half way round the world in ten hours is absolutely incredible. Even 100 years ago it would have been undreamt of.
    2. That the modern airliner can do this non-stop is testament to the advances made in jet engine efficiency (and fuel, I guess).
    3. Passing through Terminal 5 and Narita and New Chitose in quick succession makes you realise just what a vast enterprise this mass movement of people is. Yes, we moan about delays etc., but really the sheer logistics of it defy the imagination.
    4. Even up here in Northern Japan it’s hot. Not hot like it has been in England, but hotter: much heavier and more humid.
    5. It’s relatively easy to get round in Japan despite the obvious barrier of a language totally alien to our own. Lots of signage in English, a fair few people have a smattering of functional English, and the Japanese are so lovely and helpful anyway.


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