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The New You – Whispering Down


To kick the New Year off, here’s a New You promo video dating from (gulp!) 1987. I’ve had this sitting around for ages, most obviously in need of a serviceable audio track: as you’ll be able to see time has taken its toll.

Marie Malone: vocals.
Paul Hazel: guitar, keyboards, percussion.
David Westmore: bass.
Ian Cleverley: drums, vibraphone.
[There was also a whole bunch of people playing acoustic guitar in the choruses. Can’t remember who exactly…]

Video filmed and edited by David Stonestreet.
The New You logo and backdrops designed by the Bleach Boys.
Video transferred from VHS tape. The original audio track has been replaced with a recording from the 45rpm single: one pass of noise reduction has been applied.

Song written by Willson/Hazel/Malone.
Produced by Paul Hazel.
Engineered by Martin ‘Crazy’ Pavey.


  1. What a great number. Never heard that track, except probably live in the day. I only had the 5 track tape. Always loved “Crash”. Marie had a great voice.

  2. Thanks Julian. I’ve still got a box of the 45s!
    I’m planning on putting up that first EP somewhere with remastered audio. I don’t have the original master tapes any more – they got ruined due to poor storage conditions – but I’ve already pulled off the audio from the cassette. It’s just a matter of getting round to it…

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