Composition Studies Vol. 1

Posted by PH on August 05, 2014
Composition Study, Education, Music & Technology

Last year I taught a module on the MA Creative Sound Production course at UWTSD. As part of the module students had to compose a short piece each week: I did one as well, money where your mouth is and all that…

This album is the result. An unusual experience insofar as:

  • All the tracks were done to some outside brief. I didn’t choose to do any of them and, Hell, I don’t even like some of them.
  • All the tracks were done very quickly (usually in a couple of evenings).
  • These were the first tracks I’d produced in nearly 10 years. I was on a steep learning curve myself.

Hugely enjoyable and very satisfying in an odd, oblique, way that even now I can’t quite pin down.


[You can track back on the blog—or search using the “composition study” tag—and find posts describing the methods used to produce each of the tracks. If you’re interested.]



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