Composition Study #5

Posted by PH on March 24, 2013
Composition Study, Music & Technology, Students

This week: another one-note composition. I felt that the students did not engage with problem last time around to the extent that I would have expected at this (Masters degree) level. And so after a long conversation—taking in the nature of the sound, musical structure, and conceptual art—we agreed a slightly different set of rules for this one.

With the previous one, I had focused on the sound of the single note, and so this time I was thinking in terms of shapes:

Again, not entirely successful as a piece of music, but simply as a “composition study” it is: it has led me to explore musical ideas that I never would have gone near otherwise and there are at least two things in here that would work really well in a more straightforward piece that allowed tonal movement.
Furthermore, I am convinced that the discipline of finishing a composition every week (no matter what) is beneficial in every way: creatively, conceptually, technically, emotionally…



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