Composition Study #4

Posted by PH on March 15, 2013
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In last week’s class we looked at The Futurists and the emergence of “noise” as an explicit element of our musical language. We began by tracing the development of the idea of noise through Busoni’s Sketch of a New Aesthetic of Music (1907), Marinetti’s Futurist Manifesto (1909), and finally Russolo’s acidic Art of Noises (1913).

Moving chronologically through the music we listened to and discussed:

Of course there were many, many examples we could have chosen… Great fun. Here’s my attempt at a “noise” track:

Despite the fact we limited ourselves to only two groups of all possible noise sounds—electronic machines and the kitchen—it is still incredibly hard to do this kind of music well. There are just too many options and, as with the previous composition study, no obvious way to use pre-existing musical structures. Consequently, in the limited time available to complete the track I found myself resorting to some rather well-used sounds. Still, it has a certain quality that I do like very much and it’s something I’ll perhaps come back to.

Well enjoyable.


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