Posted by PH on February 03, 2013
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Our first exhibit: the full-length documentary Requiem for Detroit by Julien Temple from 2010:

The other side of the coin? A more positive view in a Johnny Knoxville fronted show from (30 mins):

And to round off here’s a photo essay and commentary from Wired entitled Captivating Photos of Detroit Delve Deep to Reveal a Beautiful, Struggling City.

As the West spirals into decline, is this a glimpse of the future, or simply an aberration? One slightly more trivial point: apart from a mention of Richie Hawtin—born in Britain, grew up in Canada!—in the Julien Temple film, the absence of any discussion of Detroit Techno (or, indeed, any music on the soundtracks) is jarring feature of both films. Plenty of mentions and appearances by the old guard (Motown, MC5, Stooges, etc.) needless to say.

All very strange…


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