Press Play: An Experiment In Active Learning

Posted by PH on July 02, 2010

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Peter Every from Coventry University. During the course of the meeting we were both in there was a good deal of discussion about engaging students in their University courses and retaining them on the course for the duration of the degree programme. A short while after the meeting, Peter sent me the link to a video that he’d made, documenting an experiment in teaching and learning that he and his colleagues had carried out at the beginning of this academic year. Here it is:

A few comments:

  • A well-made little film, and a very good promotional tool for the Creative Computing team.
  • Nice new building going up. I’m jealous…
  • An interesting project taking students through the whole production cycle.
  • A lot of emphasis on the social and  collaborative aspects of learning, and on individual and group identity. Equally, a relatively light touch on the technology.
  • The video really highlights how unsuitable their current facilities are for the type of open, flexible, and student-centred learning that they are experimenting with. From my own experience these types of facilities are, unfortunately,  typical of most HE institutions (including where I work). This is a big issue in education, in my opinion: the learning environments to a large extent dictate the types of activities that go on in them, and they are conceptually way out of date.

So. All very thought-provoking. Thanks Peter.

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