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Did You Know?


This should give my students something to think about:

So. What does it all mean? Well, for those currently studying in Higher Education it means things like these:

  1. The idea that your education will be finished when you leave University is patently daft. You will need to train and retrain yourself many times during your working life.
  2. You will almost undoubtedly changes jobs many times. You may also change careers more than once. The only constant will be change.
  3. Consequently, the most important skills you need to master are a) the ability to bootstrap yourself whenever necessary, and b) the ability to critically evaluate new information. The principle function of a university degree is to teach you how to do these two things. You need to learn how to learn.

End of lecture.

[Thanks to the G-Man for the video link.]


  1. Im sure I’ve already commented this video!

  2. Certainly gives ya somethin to chew on alright!
    great video

  3. Rob: Yes you did comment on this but I deleted it by accident. A thousand apologies!


  4. thanks for that! given me a lot to think about! 🙂

  5. I’ll let you off this time Paul!

  6. … and to top it all off, currently in America: “there are 68,000,000 individuals with an STD”.

    Hmm… interesting stuff.

  7. What does one brain cell know of its place in world? What was the plan of the first bacterial grex, as it dribbled its plasmordial path from the primordial soup? What if CERN can put a heart in it, and silicon valley a brain? A new species? GOD?

    What of human ethics, laws, global politics? This is evolution beyond their control.
    When has science ever refused a peep at pandoras panties? Mother Earth is pregnant and this baby isnt going to wait.

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