Posted by PH on November 26, 2008

We’ve all seen that bit in Minority Report where Tom Cruise is using that gestural computer interface, grabbing images, flipping them around, swiping them aside? Well, 6 years on and a very similar system is for real:

The main man behind the g-speak system seems to be one John Underkoffler, who was—surprise, surprise—one of the technical advisors on Minority Report. There’s lots more information, including a historical overview of g-speak, on the Oblong website.

Is this the future of computing? No, I don’t think so, not for us plebs. Gestural interfaces will become the dominant paradigm, but mainly in the form of touch screens. There will be a place for this type of spatial operating environment—as they call it—but I would imagine it will be limited to military/industrial applications. Oblong themselves say the system is suited to:

  • analysis of large data sets;
  • operation of three-dimensional interfaces;
  • construction of efficient multi-user collaborative applications;
  • integration of large screens and multiple computers into room- and building-scale work environments;
  • development of large-scale applications that run interactively across enterprise networks.

I reckon that’s about right. The system only makes any kind of sense with the huge screen(s).

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