Amen, Brother

Posted by PH on October 18, 2007
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I came across this on YouTube the other day, a video record of an installation created by Nate Harrison and called Can I Get An Amen?:

Some comment. Firstly, what a great idea! Whatever one thinks of it as a piece of art—and I love it—it’s a superb piece of historical research and exposition. OK, the narration is a bit stiff, but the presentation is well-researched, highly organized, and well considered. It’s a simple idea explored in depth and is a fabulous learning resource.

Secondly, it shows up Zero-G to be a bunch of crooks.

Thirdly, the video was not put on YouTube by Nate Harrison: at least two people have posted it there, presumably “sourced” from his own site. Ironic or what?

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2 Comments to Amen, Brother

  • Astounding and fasinating… of the best things I’ve come across on the internet in ages. i wouldn’t be suprised if i’d used it on a track somewhere.

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