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Posted by PH on February 09, 2007
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John Hardy is a BAFTA-winning composer with a pretty impressive portfolio of work that includes commissions for the BBC, Channel 5, The Discovery Channel, S4C, etc.. This week he delivered a talk on the Role of Music in Animation and Film at the amperSAND digital media forum (held at the lovely National Waterfront Museum in Swansea).

Anyway, I was sitting there thinking a) how interesting it all was, and b) why wasn’t anyone videoing the event? Surely everyone videos these things nowadays, don’t they? Cue trusty Nokia N70:

I certainly didn’t catch anywhere near all of it – he must have been ‘performing’ for a good two hours – but these clips give a good indication of the event. I was impressed with John’s attitude: realistic, enthusiastic, and seemingly unspoiled by a cut-throat industry. Technologically aware, and yet not a slave to it. Business-like, but still knowing where his artistic integrity is located. He’s grounded. Refreshing!

I particularly like his advice to film-makers trying to source music, and to those attempting to break into the industry. Anyone, anywhere, trying to ‘make it’ in any discipline would do well to ponder these wise words.

Nice one.

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