Posted by PH on January 08, 2007

I haven’t done that much commercial design work for print – just a couple of small magazine adverts – so this unusual job allowed me to get a bit of practice in without a paying customer peering over my shoulder:

A friend of mine has a) an apiary and b) a shop. Ergo, he makes and sells his own honey. He gave me a dozen or so jars from this year’s crop, a couple of sheets of Avery J8161 labels, and asked me to design a ‘Chloe brand’ label. This is it:

It’s not brilliant, but there we are. Typography is definitely not my forte, for one thing, and I probably should have concentrated more on Chloe’s face. I don’t think I’ve done enough to establish what the ‘Chloe brand’ means or represents, either. Still, it does look good on the jar, and the colour scheme is effective: it would certainly stand out on the shelf.

We live and learn. Ciao!

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