Hello all,
Welcome. This is a new blog that will be about things I’m particularly interested in i.e. narrative, interactivity, medium theory, music technology, design, new media literacy, etc.. Hopefully it’ll be pretty eclectic: it’s all grist to the mill, right?

OK, that’s enough of that: let’s get on with it.

I love this little video: it just makes so many things about sound and vibrating objects so clear. And because it’s video it’s not only showing process, but it’s doing it in a multisensory way: information received by eye and ears is assimilated and compared. Books, static text, are good for some things, but this is what multimedia are good for…

BTW: the normally invisible patterns in the vibrating object are called Chladni patterns.

1 thought on “Resonance

  1. Vibration13

    Wouldn’t be too hard to set up, would it? By the looks of it that’s just a board on a speaker. Would be interesting to see how more dynamic sounds affected the shapes, as well as introducing different colours/densities of material into the mix. I can get some blinding feedback out of my triangla, maybe that would throw out some wild shapes as well…

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