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WWG PV Invite

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Sheriff & The Ravels – Shombalor

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Currently being used by John Cooper Clark as an outro on his current Radio 6 show. Fantastic!

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Pro7ect at the Hotel Pelirocco

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This is a great idea:

Nice one Lisa. At £1700 – £1500 for the week it’s actually pretty good value…

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Happy New Year/Composition Study #14

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[Track recorded sometime around 1990 on a Tascam portastudio. Remastered from cassette. Female vocal: Marie Malone. Bass: David Westmore.]

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Seasons Greetings

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[Thanks to HP for digitization and production.]

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We took the kids to see Siro-A on Friday. An absolutely fantastic show: very intelligent, very clever, and hugely entertaining. Despite the full-on techno soundtrack and their total dependence on technology they work very hard to involve the audience. Highly recommended. In London until January 11th.


Junior Senior – Move Your Feet

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Smash Mouth – Walkin’ On The Sun

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Simon Kilshaw

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Video of a presentation made by Simon at an Interdisciplinary Research Forum in the Reading Room at UWTSD on Wednesday 12th November, 2014.

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Roger McGuinn

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Tuesday 4th November. The Glee Club, Cardiff.


Surprisingly good. I came feeling slightly apprehensive and (at worst) expecting an evening of Bible-bashing, but my fears proved totally unfounded. McGuinn proved himself to be an excellent singer, with no need for the shouting that these days passes for emotional expression and a wonderful sense of the melodic line. He probably wouldn’t be deemed a virtuoso guitarist but he certainly has a strong individual identity and is not afraid of putting himself out there: his version of Eight Miles High that closed the show featured the first psychedelic guitar freak-out that I’ve ever seen performed on an acoustic guitar.

Between songs McGuinn regaled us with stories from his long career. Although worn smooth with repetition and essentially little more than self-mythologizing, these were leavened with a nice line in self-deprecating humour and were hugely entertaining.

You’d have to say that at 72 years old McGuinn is doing pretty well for himself. His talent is intact, he’s producing new material, and he’s still very much his own man. The highpoint for me and the moment quite early on in the set when I knew this was going to be a good evening: his singalong version of Mr. Spaceman:

[Thanks to Mr. Willson for the ticket.]

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